StyleHaus Studio

StyleHaus Studio is an all-encompassing beauty experience. We provide low maintenance haircuts, special event hairstyling, ammonia-free hair coloring, sun-in highlights, makeup styling, hair makeup and skincare tutorials and classes for both men and women. We believe in guiding and educating our clients so they may better understand their path to beauty. In that respect, we provide comprehensive “beauty-consultations” that will aid you in selecting the perfect products and routines to keep you feeling your best and looking great well after you’ve left the salon. StyleHaus prides itself in a personal touch. Every appointment is a private, one on one session to ensure you receive the care you need, and deserve, for an affordable price. Unlike other salons, we are committed to using 100% all natural high-quality products. Here at StyleHaus, we don’t sell products, we sell a lifestyle.

The StyleHaus Mission

Located in the heart of midtown, StyleHaus Studio was founded by expert hairstylist and makeup artist, Crystal Carrero. She strives to create a relaxing retreat for New Yorkers and newcomers alike to enjoy. She uses true techniques as the foundation of her craft, while constantly searching for the new and improved processes.

Crystal has worked in the health and beauty industry over 14 years working with large haircare and makeup companies. Although she is very appreciative for all the education she has received from these major brands, she expresses much joy to support and feature small local handmade products and brands at StyleHaus. She says “There was something missing in my industry which was how to advise clients on the long term wear and health of their hair and skin.” At Stylehaus, we are here to break the stigma that all natural beauty care is “too expensive” or “too inaccessible.” Our goal is to not only provide a service to revolutionize how we look at hair and skin care, but also educate my clients to continue healthy habits at home. Each appointment is a unique experience tailored to you. Clients can indulge in a warm and inviting environment with perks before shampooing like local loose tea, local fresh coffee, cappuccinos, espresso, a glass of wine or beer to help unwind. We pride ourselves on using the most clean, natural high-quality hair and skin products to help you look beautiful without the compromise. We obsessively examine everyingredient (so you don’t have to).

Enjoy a new salon experience, catered to you!


Founder Crystal Carrero

Crystal began her journey into the world of beauty by studying, working, and eventually teaching for the famed Bumble and Bumble. She would stay with them for over twelve years, learning everything there is to know about the unique craft of combining razor and scissor haircuts, and hairstyling techniques from some of the industry’s best editorial hairstylist. After mastering the art of hair-cutting with all different hair types Crystal became especially known for her specialized techniques with thick coarse hair, she has created a way to remove weight from the hair in a gentle safe way while crafting a strong precise haircut shape. She also worked backstage during NYC fashion week for 8 straight years, alongside Laurent Philippon, Dennis Lanni, Amy Farid, James Pecis, Jimmy Paul, Rolando Beauchamp, Sabrina Michaels and many other talented artist.

Two years ago Crystal struck out on her own as a freelance combo artist after completing a intensive beauty and fashion course at Make Up Forever Academy, where she also had the luck to have one on one small class trainings by makeup artist specialist Jen Evans. Her services have been rendered by major fashion agencies such as Honey Artist, Art Department, The Streeters, and many more. She has collaborated on campaigns for illustrious brands such as DKNY, Teen Nickelodeon, Jameson, Rado Watches, Akin Army, Wing Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and ABC Studios. Some of her celebrity clientele include Lindsey Stirling, Terrell Owens, Cheryl Burke, Mark Ballas, Sam Claflin, Kelsey Absville, Rebecca De Mornay, Carol Alt.

Crystal’s work often plays on all of her passions, constantly telling a story with which she draws inspiration from her background, a love for different cultures, nature, and health which in turn makes her approach to beauty unique and fresh.

Outside of work Crystal has always had a personal interest in wellness and natural high-quality products, which led her to study a lifelong routine of raw skincare techniques, many of which make their way into her makeup applications and haircutting/styling. She took this interest one step further, and built StyleHaus Studio (the very first Wellness Salon) to inspire and teach others how to blend healthy hair and skincare together for a long lasting fulfilling self-love lifestyle.

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What people are saying about Crystal

Crystal is well-recognized by her clients as a personal beauty coach. She approaches each situation with a fresh set of eyes and focuses on bringing an adventurous style and healthy approach to helping others express themselves freely and comfortably.

Her personal mission has revolved around a dedication and passion to connect and customize styles for individual clients. She enjoys teaching the busy women and men of New York City all things beauty, from natural skincare routines, everyday makeup or event-appropriate looks, and hair management and styles.