Crystal Carrero


Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Crystal Carrero has been drawn to a creative life for as long as she can remember. A product of being a native new yorker, Crystal was raised in an incredibly artistic and open-minded community led by an ever changing world of music, fashion, and culture.

At the age of eighteen Crystal first found her passion while working for a small off broadway theatre, where one of NYC’s longest running shows (The Donkey Show) premiered. She loved assisting in making the show come to life everynight, and found herself obsessed with the art of telling a story through hair, makeup, and styling. Crystal’s work often plays on all of her passions, constantly telling a story with which she draws inspiration from art, music, humans, love for fashion, a curiousity for different cultures and people, nature, and health which in turn makes her approach to beauty unique and fresh.

Shortly after high school, Crystal made the decision to dedicate her life to beauty. She studied and eventually worked for the famed Bumble and Bumble for over twelve years. Throughout her journey at this highly creative company, she learned how to uniquely craft razor and scissor haircuts, work backstage during fashion week every season for over eight years alongside some of the industries best: Laurent Philippon, Jimmy Paul, Amy Farid, James Pecis, and Sabrina Michaels to name a few. Additionally, she worked at the famed Bumble and Bumble University where she trained field educators techniques in cutting and styling, as well as product knowledge.

Determined to make a name for herself, Crystal continued forward and decided to focus on the next addition to her craft; makeup artistry and skincare. After working backstage for so many years, along with partnering with NYC’s most prestigious nightclubs, Crystal realized she had a unique talent to offer this quick paced industry. She studied at MakeUp Forever Academy to strategically hone her ability to style a person from head-to-toe, perfecting and building her passion to artistically tell stories through hair, makeup, fashion, and photography.

Outside of work Crystal has always had a personal interest in wellness and beauty, which led her to study a lifelong routine of raw skincare techniques, many of which make there way into her makeup applications. She took this interest one step further, and built a small side business consulting, selling, and educating those around her on blending healthy skincare together with beauty and fashion.

Crystal became a freelance combo artist two years ago. She works with several major fashion agencies for bookings including Honey Artist, Art Department, The Streeters. Her talent and versatility has allowed her to collaborate on amazing projects including DKNY Campaigns, Rado Watch Campaign, Akin Army Campaign,  Wing Magazine Stories along with some incredible interviews.

Her celebrity clientele includes Lindsey Stirling, Terrell Owens, Cheryl Burke, Mark Ballas, Sam Claflin, Kelsey Absville, and Rebecca De Mornay.

Crystal recently joined the Spaces coworking community board. She’s taking on new and existing clients for men's and women's haircuts, extensions, hairstyling, makeup applications and lessons. In addition, she’s educating and selling raw skin care products and techniques all out of her new comfortable workspace.

Crystal believes in the importance of continuing her education and learning from others in her industry. She continues to assist major leading hair and makeup artists in the field test shooting and working on creative projects.